Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dove Street

Dove Street is a narrow, little-used back alley running north to south for a few blocks through the old Portuguese waterfront community of Fox Point, in Providence : garages, back doors, and a few front entrances framed with little pots of geraniums; glimpses of faded grape arbors in tiny back yards.  On my lunch breaks I would often walk down Dove Street to India Point, the shoreline park along the north edge of Providence harbor, with fine views of the old run-down port, its tugboats, oil tanks, mountainous piles of winter road salt, and the occasional exotic tanker or freighter with a foreign name on its bow.  So Dove Street was my "passage to India", and more than India.

Dove Street, the book, is a collection of poems written between 2002-2004.  Recently I had finished a very long poem, years in the making (Forth of July); with Dove Street I was trying something different.  Yet these shorter poems are preceded by a sequence of double-sonnets called "India Point", and framed by a trio of slightly longer poems too.(Read the book online, here.)

Dove Street ebook @ Lulu

Dove Street pbk @ Lulu